A collection that showcases my abilities, from stage to film, re-creations to original works


Psycho Homage: Arbogast Meets Bates

This scene is a re-creation, shot for shot, of the infamous scene from Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock in which Detective Arbogast meets and questions Norman Bates for the first time. We spent over 100 hours planning, scouting, shooting and editing; a huge thanks to my scene partner, Chris Kudlick

My First Commercial

Sirui Swift m1 Gimbal Introduction Video — Watch me and the lovely Jasmin tour around the Big Apple with our newest technological toy to capture all our memories!

On-Camera Basics

The following is a collection of videos from a course I took at Moonlight Stage Company in Raleigh, NC. This is where I learned the building blocks of acting for the camera from the incomparable Paul Paliyenko

Neutral Scene

In this lesson, the class was paired up into groups of 2. Each of us was given the exact same script — how we decided to block and physicalize the scene was entirely up to us.

The Actor’s Nightmare

This is a fun (and terrifying) little exercise, in which someone off-camera reads dialogue from a novel line-by-line and you must improvise your response on the spot.


This class dealt with one of the most difficult aspects of acting: The Monologue. My story took the form of a man giving an interview for a documentary about his experiences with spirituality and death


In this video, I was treated with the experience of a mock audition, reading a snippet from a potential TV pilot with a “casting director” off-camera.


Carrie the Musical

Adapted from the novel by Stephen King

The 1st musical production I took part in at UNC-Chapel Hill with the Pauper Players. I played “Billy” the delinquent boyfriend of the show’s antagonist. Click here to see one of my prominent numbers


by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth

The 2nd of my musical productions at UNC-Chapel Hill, this one with Company Carolina. I played “Peter,” one of Bobby’s coupled friends. Click here to see a short solo illustrating my vocal abilities and here for a humorous one-on-one scene with the star of the show, in which my secret is revealed…

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